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Dealer Principle

District Manager

Joining Bell Cellular in a District Manager capacity my mandate was to lead and inspire a territory of Dealer Principles, managers, and sales associates in an independently owned retail sales model. As the wireless and wireline markets evolved a strategic industry-changing move was implemented to merge Bell Cellular and Bell Phone Centers into a new brand: Bell Mobility. During the rebranding and merger process, I saw the opportunity to personally buy a high volume location.


Dealer Principle


During the re-branding to Bell Mobilicity I directly negotiated with the senior executive to personally acquire a retail location producing foretasted revenues $3.2m annually. The business employed up to 20 full and part time employees. The product line consisted of wireline, wireless, Satellite TV, and residential internet. The product SKUs were over 900 and turning every 15 days necessitating the need to develop and implement strict controls and reporting for all aspects of the business in the face of tight margins in a competitive market landscape.


District Manager


Mandated to lead a territory of independent owners/operators I advised, coached, and maintained relationships to ensure sales targets are met in a fast changing and highly competitive wireless  retail environment. I collaborated with owners, managers and sales reps to execute business plans, sales/marketing initiatives, and continually delivered training. I was named Top Five District Manager 3 times in this role.


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