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Dealer Development


Mandated to lead and inspire a territory of high performing wireless retail dealer locations. As the industry evolved,  so did my role. Carriers began focusing on delivering data to handsets paving the way for internet based content we have today. My roles changed and simultaneously performed. Below is an outline of that experience:


District Manager

Reporting to the Regional manager in Ontario, I was originally hired to lead and develop a dealer team of owner/operators, sales managers and retail sales associates. Mandated to execute business plans to ensure sales target attainment, guarantee high levels of customer service interaction, and maintain interdependent relationships with dealer partners while maintaining business compliance.


Data Development Prime


As the focus turned to data and a rapid demand for mobile content, it became necessary to appoint a Prime Team Member who can provide advice, direction, and maintain cross functional relationships as the technical complexity of data sales increased. In this role I was mandated to support B2B data sales across the dealer channel throughout Ontario. During my tenure I facilitated the sale of over 800 data activations primarily using


Regional Expansion Manager


A short term initiative was launched to increase TELUS’ retail presence using the dealer channel. Recognizing my ability to start retail locations, I was given additional responsibility to start new dealers and increase sales in the Ontario region. In my term I recruited six new dealer locations contributing 12000 new activations, and facilitated the mergers of 7 dealer locations reducing operating costs, increasing operating efficiencies and increasing profits. This role was performed simultaneously with District Manager role.


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